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Give your child the confidence to do their best at school by enrolling them in our private tutoring programs. Study courses are motivating, fun and engaging!

Our tutoring centres follow the same learning methodology to achieve positive outcomes for every stage of each student’s learning journey from pre-schoolers to High School.

  • Students are treated with respect and understanding.
  • Achievement is natural and fun.
  • A carefully graded curriculum enables progress that is constant, monitored and accelerated.
  • Students are initially engaged in activities in which they feel confident and then progress at their own pace. 
  • Improvements follow naturally as concepts are explained, revised and practiced.

Pre-school Programs
Pre-schoolers have short memories and are easily distracted. Help your little one feel confident and better prepared for primary school with our Get Ready for School Program.

Primary School Programs
What we learn in primary school lays our knowledge foundation for life. Our primary school programs cover everything from maths and english tutoring to extension programs that help build a strong academic base that will carry students into High School and beyond.

Secondary School Programs
The pressure to perform well in high school can add to the normal stresses of adolescence. Kip McGrath Education Secondary School Programs cover everything from maths tutoring, to essay writing and study skills that help students feel more confident and prepared. 

Extension Programs
Every student has different abilities. To help those who want to push themselves a little harder, or those who’d like a little extra study help, we offer a range of extra programs covering everything from advanced maths, to study skills, to learning English as a second language.

Arrange a Free Assessment
We’d love to hear about your own or your child’s learning needs. Fill out this short form and we’ll arrange for one of our Centre’s private tutors to get back to you. A free, no obligation Assessment allows you to see how your child is performing in relation to National Standards. It also gives you an opportunity to discuss your child's needs with a professional teacher who understands and is supportive of the good work being done in the classroom setting.

Find your nearest Kip Centre by calling 0800 TUTORING (0800 888 674). There are 100 Kip McGrath Education Centres throughout New Zealand. Kip McGrath - Smart Education For The Next Generation!

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Kip McGrath
Contact: 0800 888 674
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