Contact: 09 534 2223
43 Cook Street, Howick

At Forte, you will learn how to understand the language of music. Your musical senses: hearing (aural), feeling for beat & time (rhythm), music reading and writing (theory), will develop along with the knowledge of how all of these combine together to make music.

Through your musical development at Forte, you will discover how to express your inner feelings and creativity through music and how to write your own compositions.

Forte offers both class and one-to-one lessons. Learning with others in a family or group, is the most natural way for young children to learn. There are many delights and benefits from learning with others in a group at all ages and stages but if a private lesson is preferred, then it is best to wait until your child is at least 7 years of age.

In a few short years your child can play music, compose and improvise their own music, read all kinds of print music, chord charts and play along with other musicians in a band. Your child can play by ear as well as play by reading, make up their own accompaniments to melodies. In other words your child has become a little musician. 

Music skills learnt are :
◾playing piano
◾performing in concerts
◾playing by memory
◾reading music
◾playing by ear (amazing aural skills)
◾understanding theory
◾playing with chords (keyboard harmony)
◾improvising and composing  
Please come along and see what we have to offer - book a trial lesson NOW!
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Contact: 09 534 2223
43 Cook Street, Howick

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