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Performing Arts Promote Personality Development

Kids grow quickly; teach valuable life-skills early.


Performing Arts is ideal as a learning vehicle because it is so much fun. We all learn quicker when we enjoy the learning process. This enjoyment sometimes masks what really happens in classes - skills valuable for success in life are developed and nurtured. Learning tools such as role-play are so powerful. Serious development happens when role-playing it allows young ones to experiment without the fear of failure or embarrassment it’s just plain ole good fun. Ever watched a three year old being a tiger?  They’re not pretending - they are a tiger. As Albert Einstein once said “creativity is intelligence at play”.


Drama promotes visualisation. Success needs to be visualised before it happens. Consider the following skills that are being nurtured when participating in a Drama; team building strategies, lateral thinking, effective expression, voice projection, active listening, following direction, balance, staying calm under pressure, poise, improvisation, timing, appreciation of ‘being in the moment’, lateral thinking, feeling the power of a pause, empathising, communicating effectively and reinforcing confidence. 


Musical Theatre polishes the soul. We have all caught ourselves singing a hit song from a blockbuster musical. Back in the day it was The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz today it’s Wicked, Lion King, Annie, and Shrek. Almost every school production is a musical whether at primary or secondary level. Kids just love singing. Scoring a good role promotes a child’s mana throughout the school. There is real cast camaraderie and sense of team work to produce a school musical, it’s a place friendships are made. 


If you can tap your feet and nod your head to a beat – you can dance. Kids get Hip Hop; it’s all about rhythm and looking good when you move. Learning some funky counts-of eight can earn real bonus points at the school disco. We encourage singing as we dance to the latest hits... and we only use sanitised versions in our classes. Dance is a great way of escaping the day’s stress; it burns those calories, keeps bodies supple and so much fun. We tutor Ballet too (not the good-toes bad-toes version) but rather ballet for the fun and delight of it.


At we think a student is not a container to be filled but a torch to light. The aim is to catch young ones doing things right. Praising small achievements and small steps, builds toward a bigger victory. We enthuse about a child’s progress and keep it genuine. By catching kids doing things right we promote development.  Success will follow as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.


Catch Kids Doing Things Right

Success Fuels Confidence - Confidence Drives Success 

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