Gym Kids Ltd

Contact: 09 951 0355 (Central) 09 416 0003 (West)
Various Auckland locations

Gym Zone is the home of Gym Kids and we offer preschool gymnastics classes at many locations across Auckland.
Our 2-3 year old and 3-4 year old classes are a lot of fun and focus on exploring movement through gymnastics. It allows children to explore the fundamental building blocks of movement, balance and co-ordination in a fun, safe, environment. These classes are parent assisted which means parents get in a bit of a workout as well!

Our 4-5 year old classes are done without parent assistance and have a bit more structure. The children will learn basic gymnastics skills across the different disciplines. They are encouraged and challenged to achieve new skills. Within a fun environment they will develop co-ordination, flexibility, strength and confidence.

Gym Zone delivers quality classes in a safe environment where we continuously embrace the idea “I can do it”. We continuously teach new skills to help develop their potential and encourage children to challenge themselves to do things which at first, they may think they cannot do.

We also have a brand new café at our Hobsonville location so you can relax after class with a coffee for yourself and a fluffy for your little one.  

Visit our website for our timetable information or email us at

Please contact us if you would like to organise a session for just your early childhood centre.   
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Gym Kids Ltd
Contact: 09 951 0355 (Central) 09 416 0003 (West)
Various Auckland locations

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