Gravity NZ

Contact: 09 5270524
77B Morrin Road, St Johns

We run Jump Classes every Tuesday and Thursday after school!

At only $10 per lesson with no bookings or term sign up needed this is the best value and most fun activity for kids after school.

Beginners class is suitable for all ages from 5 years old. We start at the basics of jumping on the tramp, and move into some of the principles of air movement. Our staff will be running you through some fun drills to get you moving and having fun .

Intermediate Class has our trained and talented staff advising you of the stepping stones before trying some tricks. We give you a correct understanding of basic body movement in the air for maximum results. If you are starting to hand spring and flip (or your friends can and you want to learn) this is the time to come down and learn it.

Advanced class is the time we dedicate if any of our jumpers who want to push themselves a little further or have something specific they want to work on. A small class we will work with you to help you get you safely performing the tricks your aiming for.

Fun for parents too, this is all around a central spectators platform where parents can relax and watch with the comfort of magazines and barista coffee.

For more information, click on our 'Visit Website' link below or give us a call .
Visit Website
Gravity NZ
Contact: 09 5270524
77B Morrin Road, St Johns

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