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Supported learning through play, our philosophy embraces the idea that children learn and develop best through 'play'. Our trained Educators/Nannies strive to ensure children are encouraged to learn and grow by valuing and extending their interests, imaginations and learning journey.

By creating a positive environment and treating children as individuals, your child will develop confidence to explore and become an active learner. Our Educators/Nannies are supported by our Co-ordinators who are trained and registered Early Childhood teachers who visit your child at least once a month.

Co-ordinators complete a written photo observation, for your child’s Portfolio book, and provide art and craft resources, activity ideas, age appropriate nursery and play equipment from our extensive FREE toy, resource and equipment library and ongoing guidance and support.

Our Co-ordinators also organise regular playgroups & excursions into the community providing children extended learning and development opportunities and where they can interact with their peers in larger group settings.

A “real world” home environment, Children have the opportunity to experience everyday life situations such as cooking, shopping, going for walks, visiting parks, attending music and movement groups etc, These provide valuable learning experiences for children. Educators/Nannies also provide activities including books, paint, collage, puzzles, playdough, water and sand, each of these activities further enhance your child's learning and development.

Small group sizes (a maximum of 4 children under the age of 6 and never more than 2 children under the age of two) enable children to build responsive and reciprocal relationships, which is particularly beneficial for children under two.

We endeavour to meet your required childcare hours, and with a variety of Educators/Nannies, flexibility of hours can be considered.  

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A Kidz World
Contact: 0800 543 996
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