Little Kickers

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Full of fun football (soccer) parties developed for children - boys and girls - turning 3 - 7 years of age.

Have a ball with us and find out why we are the largest provider of pre-school football.

We'll run around with the kids so you don't have to!

Little Kickers runs parties which are 50 minutes long (or as long or short as your want) and consist of a series of fun imaginative non-ball and ball games including the ultimate penalty shoot-out. We are very organised and run well-structured games where every child can participate no matter what their ball skill level is.

We will tailor our games to your child’s age and around a party theme or your child's interests: Animals, trains, fairies, building, pirates. Our coaches are trained using our world renowned training programme developed by early childhood educators and top UK coaches.

Ranges from $90 to $160 (+ any optional extras) depending on the number of children participating. This includes a certificate for the birthday child and party invites.

Venue & Food: The venue - ideal size is an indoor room the size of a basketball court (not a concrete floor though) and food are aranged by the orgnaiser of the party. We have a list and their contact details for the halls we currently use but you are in charge of the booking and payment with the hirers. Note. If held outdoors you must have a large enough indoor venue backup in place. It is preferred to have an indoor venue during winter.

E-mail us to receive our birthday information leaflet and booking form.

Ph: (09) 815 8607

Click "Visit Website" but best to talk to Head Office on 09 815 8607 about how we can create a party that your child will love.

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Little Kickers
Contact: 09 3927866
Visit us online

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