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The ROCKUP Difference.....  SETUP - ON Time - EVERYTIME!

    Inflatable Shelters - Full Fencing - PA Systems for broadcasting & Music - Generators Advertising Opportunities - Marketing Support - Health & Safety Planning - Uniformed Friendly Professional Staff - Money collection options Cost Efficient Systems & Activities that Make MONEY $$$$$ Awesome Attraction Activities that can be Sponsored to give FREE Experiential FUN ...... Educational Programs & Subsidised Camp Program Options
Our Recommendation is for YOU to make the $$$$ MONEY - Some activities are High Turnover Money makers whilst others work as an attraction to hold people and provide a Unique Memorable Experience. Some Activities can be hired on a % Basis whilst others can be sponsored to provide FREE FUN so that EVERYONE has an enjoyable Experience.

ROCKUP provides a wide range of fantastic Activities to hold, entertain & build self esteem for both kids & adults, bringing together families and communities ...we ROCKUP & Deliver ON TIME - EVERYTIME.

ROCKUP Does it all from Full Event Planning to just providing an Activity with Full OSH Policies and uniformed, trained professional Staff ...we will make the difference.

If you would like to have a ROCKUP Activity as part of your fundraising event, please Contact Us and we will workout what ROCKUP can help you achieve.

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Contact: 0800 762 587
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