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From birth, children have an natural born instinct to suck in order to get nourishment. This sucking feeling, or suction, over time becomes associated with warmth and comfort, and by itself, provides pleasure. Our products do not prevent the thumb or finger from going in the mouth, but they do prevent suction from forming, so there's no longer any pleasure left in the habit. Without the pleasure, children have no incentive to continue, so they break the habit quickly and pain-free. 

Air vents provide a consistently cool and moisture-free environment throughout the thumb sucking treatment.

Flexible, ergonomic shape ensures your child stops the thumb sucking habit in the most comfortable way possible.

3. FUN
Kids love to choose a different multi-colored lockband every day! Each kit contains 30 wristbands in various colors.

Instalocks not only simplify adjustment, but provide a peace-of-mind that the device is locked and cannot be removed.

TGuard™ has been tested by leading American dental institutions, who boast a 95% success rate.  We are confident TGuard™ will work for you too.

The kit contains: 1 plastic AeroThumb Guard, 30 coloured disposable bracelets, stickers and reward chart.a

We also supply FingerGuard™ which covers two fingers and works in the same way to prevent finger sucking.


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ThumbGuard NZ
Contact: 021 740740
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Thumbguard for kids who suck their thumbs and/or fingers

By Kendra Jolley on 18/05/2017 10:08:07 AM
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Yes, I would recommend this business to a friend!

WOW this thumbguard is awesome! Zaria, 3, has now had it on for 3 weeks 24/7 and this week we are doing nights only! She hasn't even put her thumb to her mouth for weeks now. It doesn't stop her doing anything.. still paints at kindy, swings from the monkey bars and she loves telling everyone when they ask what it is for.. that it is to stop her teeth from getting (...) Read more

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