Kumgang Taekwondo

Contact: 09 479 9180
West Auckland, Central East Auckland & North Shore

Kumgang means Diamond. It stands for hardness. The Kumgang warrior represents the mightiest warrior and Mt. Kumgang is regarded as the centre of the Korean national spirit.

Taekwondo loosely translated means “the way of the foot and fist”. The history of taekwondo can be traced back over several thousand years. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that has grown significantly in popularity during the past 60 years to the extend that it is now practiced by over 50 million people in over 150 countries.

Training in taekwondo includes a variety of hand and foot techniques that form the basis of Poomsae (forms), Kyorugi (sparring), Hoshinsul (self defence) and Kyokpa (breaking) excercises.

The following tenets are instilled as part of taekwondo training: Courage, Courtesy, Etiquette, Indomitable Spirit, Integrity, Modesty, Preservance, Respect and Self-control, Honesty, Loyalty and Gratitude.

Just one tip: When you look around for a Martial Arts School, ask about any hidden costs like Uniform fees, Color Belt Grading fees, Belt fees, Registration fees and Joining fees. All of these are included in our monthly training fee.

Kumgang Headquarters
 64 Taharoto Rd

Mt. Carmel School Hall
6 Mt. Carmel Place

St Chads Scout Hall
28b Rutherford Terrace
Visit our website for Class Times.

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Kumgang Taekwondo
Contact: 09 479 9180
West Auckland, Central East Auckland & North Shore

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