Conscious Kids - Nature based Programmes

Contact: 027 5191997 or 0278474487
various Auckland locations

Children growing up in New Zealand are blessed with a wide variety of natural spaces to play in. Unfortunately, their time spent playing in nature has decreased significantly from when their parents were growing up. Many children entering school have missed out on opportunities for unstructured play in natural environments, but their need for physical challenges, risk-taking, and connection with the natural environment remains strong.

Conscious Kids NZ has developed an exciting 100% nature based programme that gets Kiwi kids outside, developing social competence in mixed aged groups, self-confidence in their problem-solving abilities, and awareness and sensitivity to the environment through unstructured/ free play in Nature. These include:
  • School Holiday Programmes: An all-day programme which allows the children to fully immerse themselves in nature, to learn about risk and set challenges for themselves in a supervised setting. We provide basic equipment suitable to exploring the outdoors: ropes, tarpaulins, bungees, magnifying glasses, and knives (to be used with supervision). Social competence is a strong focus, as children work together to set rules within a framework of respect for others and the environment.
  • After School Programmes: After a day at school, children have the opportunity to play freely in nature, extending on their learning and developing new skills and new friendships. All the same activities as the school holiday programme, in a smaller weekly dose!

Let's get kids back to Nature and let their imagination run free! A chance to unwind and play as their parents did, climbing trees, building huts, exploring and of course playing bullrush!

Our programmes run at the following locations:

  • Blockhouse Bay Beach Reserve
  • Fort Takapuna Reserve
  • Little Shoal Bay Reserve
  • Long Bay Regional Park
  • Western Springs Lake Park

To find out more, click on the 'Visit Website' link below.


Visit Website
Conscious Kids - Nature based Programmes
Contact: 027 5191997 or 0278474487
various Auckland locations

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